Food Bank

Food Collection and Distribution Centre for the Poor and Needy

“ There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

The Food Bank is a food collection and distribution centre to feed the hungry and hardcore poor located in Berkeley, Klang. Founded in 2002, the Food Bank for the Poor is the first of its kind in the country.

Malaysia alone generates 17,000 tonnes of food waste per day. Out of this 17,000 tonnes, Malaysians discarded 4,000 tonnes of edible food daily - enough to fill one-and-the-half Olympic-sized swimming pools. This amount can feed three million people with three meals a day.


Grace Community Services HQ
7, Jalan Dendang 1,
Pusat Bandar Berkeley
41300 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
The primary objective and mission of the food bank is to rescue these edible foods that would otherwise be wasted or discarded and provide them to charitable homes, feeding centres, poor elderly, individuals and families, including refugees and migrants. The food bank networks with various food sources such as food manufacturers, food importers, wholesalers, supermarkets, hotels, organizations and individuals to donate or contribute their surplus, near-expiry products with damaged packaging which will be distributed to the poor in the community for consumption.


  • How do I make a donation to the food bank?

    The Food Bank accepts and is grateful for monetary or food donations. Your donations make a big impact for people in need in our communities. Online donations can be made by clicking Give Now.

  • How does the food bank help the hungry?

    The Food Bank provides food security through a network of charitable organizations within the Klang Valley. This network includes charitable food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency food providers, refugee schools, and etc. 

    This includes Grace Community Services social arms of beneficiaries of poor households, orphanages, home for the destitute, Drug and Alcohol Rehab, street feeding and food pantry distribution program, home for unwed mothers, and etc.

  • How does the food bank acquire food?

    Food is sourced from food industry manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, retailers, distributors, supermarkets and grocers, growers, processors, hotels as well as from food drives.

  • How does my corporate organization apply for partnership?

    Contact us via email: or call +603-3341 4044 

  • How do I get food?

    Call us at +603 – 3341 4044, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

  • Which do you need more: food or money?

    The most impactful way the community can help the Food Bank is with direct financial donations. The flexibility of financial resources allows us to leverage our vast buying power, and keen stewardship to acquire, move and distribute food. Give Today!

  • Do you accept food donations?

    Large-scale food donations from the manufacturing, warehouse, agriculture and food services industries are critical to our mission. If you are a business or other organization that has food donations, please contact our supply chain team at or call us at +603 – 3341-4044 to discuss your items and whether or not we are able to accept it.

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